How it Works Aartyzana

Aartyzana is a marketplace website where we are inviting small business houses, artists, single owned business owners and vendors or manufacturers to sell their items and creations very easily and ofcourse it is direct sales. No contract and you can opt out as and when you feel that you are done with us. But we hope that the entire process will be easy and you can sustain with ease. The sellers can create an account anytime and after admin approval they
can easily upload the products and items in the categories which are available in our website

No document check is required as of now and you can submit your GST number after you are settled with your business. We at Aartyzana will only request all sellers to upload genuine items and products with necessary details and required description such as raw materials used and the process of creation. Kindly mention tips about maintenance of specific handicraft items, etc.

The payment process and cancellation or refund is very important to keep both ends happy. The return and refund policy is mentioned in the   page of our website.
The payment term is also simple for product selling and the seller profit along with required shipping fee for each parcel ordered (per order) will be disbursed after the refund or cancellation period is over, for each and every sale is made. Initially we will stick to Cash on delivery and Google pay for online payments regarding online sales .

The seller will receive his cut after the return or refund period is over which is 4-5 days after each sale is made. Related email and confirmation will be sent as and when required. For any query the customer care phone number will be available to be in touch.